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Anal Sex: having a man's penis inside another person's anus (bowel opening, or rectum).

Clinician: someone qualified in the practice of medicine, a doctor or other specially trained persons.

Cervix: the lower part of the uterus, having an opening connecting the uterus to the vagina.

Discharge: a liquid coming out of a man's penis or a woman's vagina.

Ectopic pregnancy: when the fertilized egg does not descend into the uterus, but grows outside, usually in the tube.

Ejaculation: the discharge of fluid from a man's penis at the time of his sexual climax.

Endometrium: the mucous membrane lining the interior of the uterus.

Fallopian tube: a narrow tube attached to the uterus that carries the egg from the ovary.

Fertile: being able to get pregnant, if you are a woman, or able to put live sperm into a woman's vagina if you are man.

Oral Sex: a person using his or her mouth on another person's sex organs.

Ovary: one of the two organs in a woman's body that store and produce ova (eggs)

PID (pelvic inflammatory disease): This is a serious infection in and around a woman's reproductive organs - her uterus, tubes and ovaries. A woman with PID can have pain in her lower abdomen (below her navel), fever, nausea, a discharge from her vagina, and it may hurt when she has sex. PID can make a woman infertile, unable to have a baby now or ever. Or it can spread to other parts of her body, like her liver. Or she can have a tubal pregnancy, in which a fertilized egg gets stuck in her tube. This is very dangerous. PID is usually caused by an STD. It is important to be tested and treated QUICKLY if you are a woman who has these symptoms.

Semen: the fluid a man discharges at sexual climax.

Sexual Intercourse: having a man's penis inside a woman's vagina.

Testicles: two firm organs that produce sperm, and are located in the pouch behind a man's penis.

Uterus: a pear-shaped female organ from which women menstrate, and where a pregnancy is supposed to develop (womb)

Vagina: the stretchable passage between a woman's outer sex organs and the cervix and uterus.


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